Creating a list of top, new and best Rainmeter skins and themes is one of the toughest things to do, but after searching some web sources, forums, and deviant art repository, I’m able to complete this task to help users who are desperately looking for themes and skins to customize their Windows desktop.

Rain Meter

Rainmeter is one out of the best desktop customization tools available over the web that gives life and attractive look to your desktop. With over thousands of themes and Rainmeter skins, you can style your desktop the way you want. It’s not just about giving a new look to your desktop, but also helps you to provide the productive environment. Rainmeter displays different customizable skins including battery power, memory, RSS feeds, weather forecast and lot more. Now, this really helps users to keep track of system health, what’s weather outside, taking notes, track the latest news, and lot more right on your desktop.

Day by day these Rainmeter skins and themes are getting smarter and credit to this goes to the team working for Rainmeter. Now after reading all this one thing which hits the mind is, from where to get themes and skins for Rainmeter? Actually, there are lots of sources available over the web to download best Rainmeter desktop skins and themes including Deviantart, Rain meter forums or simply type on Google from where you can grab some cool and awesome skins and themes according to your taste.

In case you want to know about more desktop customization software’s like Rainmeter, then check out my this article on best desktop customization softwares.

Best Rainmeter Skins and Themes for Windows 10

In case you’re lazy creature and don’t want to go through these sites, then you can also check the list of some of the new and best Rainmeter skins and desktop themes 2016.

1. Windows 9 Single Mark 4


Windows 9 Single is counted as one of the best Rainmeter skin out of other Rainmeter skins available. This one is totally based on Windows concept which will make your desktop look amazing.

2. Windows 2019


Windows 2019 is inspired by Microsoft research video which shows how Windows interface might look like in 2019. The skin features informational bars and squares which make this concept that will give killer interface to desktop

3. Darkness Fall


Darkness fall is amazing Rainmeter theme developed for Windows 7 featuring amazing landscape which adds beauty to your desktop. To make this skin awesome developer used different popular apps.

4. Pog Pack


Pog Pack is just a refined skin of developers own rainmeter suite i.e. Cosmetal suite which is very easy to customize. This skin has 10 variables that you can change to control the look of the skins.

5. Adian Bolon Aero


Adian Bolon Aero is another good rainmeter skin that help you to customize screen. This skin can be used to launch your favorite apps, view local time, and control your multimedia player.

6. Taboo


If you’re are searching Rainmeter skins in the black and white background then you can go for taboo. It also has additional skin package out of which each of them are independent for dynamic placement.

7. My Rainmeter Desktop


My Rainmeter desktop is another Rainmeter suite that will decorate your desktop. It is specialized with space war wallpaper by Alexxrafael.This skin is featured with circle clock, circle HDD, circle network etc.

8. Space


This is an awesome Rainmeter skins; here you can choose colors of your choice. This includes several features like 3 cool audio visualizers, easy setup, 8 new skins, all skins updated, less ram usage and many more.

9. Horde


This is another rainmeter skins having dark wallpaper by horder. It consists enigma taskbar, enigma twitter, enigma reader, enigma RSS reader, enigma network and enigma address line along with circle system resources and kingdom heart memorized clocks.

10. Switchin


Switchin is a stylish rainmeter skin with the white bar. It has easy access to your favorite apps, folders, and Google search engine. Its specialized with one click clock change from 12 to 24 hour, weather monitoring and many more.

11. Ekar Lina Rainmeter The Skin


Ekar Lina is a beautiful rainmeter skin of black with green accent and white with blue accent. This is featured with time, date, folder count, media players, drive, fav launcher, Facebook, Twitter, Gmail and many more.

12. MoonGlow


Moon on rainmeter skin is a new skin  which can measure your system temperature. This shows usage percentage of CPU, RAM, SWAP, Gmail messages. It is available in two versions x86 & x64.

13. Before Dawn RM Bar


Before Dawn RM Bar spans a neat banner across the window with some basic info’s on system resources, with current date and weather conditions,as well as RSS feed and quick access to most used sites an apps.

14. Morph


Morph is simply amazing rainmeter skin that makes the appearance of your desktop beautiful.

15. Razor


16. Orange Glow


Orange Glow rainmeter skin is a pretty good with significant appearance highlighted with orange color. It includes icon packages, window displays, clock, date, CD art display, weather and many more.

17. Raleway Skin


In this, all the variables are stored in one file in variables folder and color or font can be easily changed at once. It also displays album art.

18. Elegance 2


Elegance 2 is more elaborate and polished version on elegance. This includes color changer and configuration tools for easy customization and setup. The color changer alters accent colors with one click.

19. SimpleDOCK


Simple DOCK for rainmeter is very useful skin and its concept is simple and amazing. The great thing about this skin is that you can easily change DOCK and icons.

20. Meteor Glimps


Meteor Glimps is an amazing rainmeter skin with Winamp circles, digital circles, a flying saucer to switch off, rocket docks sublimes icons.

21. Enigma


Enigma is a neutral, minimalist design which goes well with variety of wallpapers, themes, and color schemes. It’s a library of different desktop gadgets which can be arranged and customized in the way you want.

22. Speed


Speed rainmeter skin is just simple and beautiful. It holds WiFi statics, clock, speed, messages and many more.

23. Futuristic Cityscape


This a different type of rainmeter in appearance, it looks like reality on screen. It also includes explorers, Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, Shut down, Log off, Restart buttons also.

24. Big Digital Clock


This is a digital clock using the ISO 8601 having standard minutes and seconds. It also features weekdays and no. of weeks. It is also possible to get no. of days in a week in this skin.

25. Vcloud Weather 2


For this skin, it is important to have rainmeter v3.0 or higher. The specialty of this skin is, it is available in 17 languages with semi-transparent background. It includes 12 vertical and 3 horizontal variations.

26. LIM!T


It is a very simple skin suit in which texts fills up as its values grow up. The present weather condition is shown in texts and is filled by 3 bars. ItusesCore Temp for CPU temperature reading.

27. Start Menu for Rainmeter


This rainmeter is designed for start menu especially of Windows 8.It runs perfectly on the other rainmeter also.

28. Sunset


It is an option skin with an app launcher, clock, calendar, Facebook RSS reader, recycles manager,
Taskbar, Gmail etc.

29. Avenger SHIELD OS


Avenger SHIEL OS is a special rainmeter skin in which different wallpapers can be used. In this you can change personal icon image and LLET/SLT names.

30. Electric Space


Electric Space rainmeter is somewhere specified by its name only, its appearance is slightly like something in space. It includes date, weather, wireless info, network and IP info.

So these are some of the best Rainmeter skins and themes which you can download for Windows 7. Give try to these themes and skin and let me know which one you like. Suggestions are also recommended.

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