If you’ve already upgraded to Android 5.0 Lollipop and looking for some best Xposed modules for lollipop to try on your device, so that you can take most out of your device, then this article is dedicated to you guys.


We all know that Xposed was recently updated to bring support for Android Lollipop, the project is still in beta, but lots of people had already started customizing their device with different and best xposed modules lollipop available at the moment. Now the question is which one is best? By keeping this thing in mind, I decided to cover my article in which you will read about some of the best Xposed Modules android lollipop.

I have already also covered the list of best free apps for Android phone. You can also use the following link to check all the Android apps.

Note: This opinion piece was published in 2015 featuring the best xposed modules 2015 for Lollipop. But the good thing is that article is updated and featuring the best xposed modules 2016 for Lollipop 

Why don’t you check out list of top Xposed modules for lollipop which I think are best at the moment:

1. Amplify- Battery Extender


Amplify gives you the power to control the way your device is consuming battery, when your device wakes up, for how long it stays awake. You can use the recommended settings option to save more battery juice.

2. 3dot Menu Mod


Using 3dot menu module, you can enable 3dot menu button in all the application with the help of 9 height navbar.

4. True Silent Mode


True silent mode helps to get back missing silent mode which is most discussed issue after the release of Android Lollipop.

5. AcDisplay


Cool way, to deal with notifications, whenever you got a notification, this module will let you open these notifications directly from the lockscreen.

6. Tinted Recent Panel


New recent screen feature shows colored title bars, if you’re using it and is not updated by the developer. This module will try to fix this issue by tinting the apps.

7. Android Theme Engine


With Android Theme Engine, you can theme your Android phone with installing and flashing any extra file.

8. GravityBox [LP]


It’s basically a tweak box dedicated to all users using AOSP based ROM. With this module, you can enjoy additional features and tweaks without flashing anything.

9. Coolify Flat


With this module, you can easily cool down your rooted device in a very unique and original way.

10. MinMinGuard


Using this, you can completely remove ads from the apps and save the space consumed by the ads.

11. CrappaLinks


Crappa Links, lets you reemove all the crappy link masking/redirection/trackeing.

12. Lolistat


It will automatically detect the color of particular apps installed on your device and gives status bar darker look in the Lollipop style.

13. Email – Kill attachment limits

Want to remove the default 5MB attachment limit of email application in play store, then try this amazing module.

14. App Setting


This mode will target all the setting shared by apps installed on your device so that you can change the value per app basis.

15. Force FastScrool


With this mode, you can force all the List view to use fast scroll feature of Android.

16. Advance Power Menu (APM+)


With this mode, you can add, remove and reorder item in power menu of your device. This mode is supported by all TouchWiz, AOSP, and Xperia ROMs.

17. Hide Network Indicators


Looking for a way to hide network indicators? Try Hide Network module and bring back the original AOSP look.

18. BootManager


Using BootManager you can stop the apps which automatically run on system startup.

19. Minimum Brightness



With Minimum Brightness module you can change the brightness level from 10 to 1

20. YouTube AdAway


Using this mode, you can remove YouTube Ads, videos suggestions, channel log, information card reader and lots more.

21. Screenshot Delay Remover



With this mode, you can remove the delay time while taking a screenshot.

22. XuiMod


XuiMod is collection of some cool features ported from other ROMS and some of them by developer itself.

23. Wi-Fi Pwd


Wi-Fi Pwd will let you show all the Wi-fi network stored on your Android Phone.

24. Xposed Additions


Xposed Additions is amazing mode using which you can add and control power and button features.

25. Screen Filter


Using this module, you can decrease the luminosity of your device screen which in result helps to use device in the dark without affecting your eyes.

26. Xdictionary


Use XDictionary mode on your device and add a quick dictionary search popup button next to the Paste/Replace button to check meaning of text you selected.

27. XHangouts


XHangouts is a great Google Hangout extension with amazing tweaks which in return improves the Google Hangout experience.

28. Play Store Changelog


Want to display app full changelog on your device instead of first four line? You must try Play Store Changelog.

29. Physical Button Music Control


With this mode, you can control device music player using the physical buttons (camera and volume buttons).

30. Battery History XXL


By default stock setting’s battery history is set to show 10 records, but with this mode you can push the limit to 30 records.

31. Xposed Preference Injector


Want to inject all the Xposed module preference in the stock setting apps? Use Xposed Preference Injector to achieve this task.

32. PlayPermissionXposed


This mode will show you complete list of permission that an app requires when you try to download it from play store.

33. AppOps


If you want to restore AppOps functionality which was introduced in Android 4.4.2, then you must try this mode.

34. Greenify 


Greenify helps you to check out all the apps which are misbehaving in your device and put them into hibernation when not in use which in result  helps the device from lagging and eating up the battery.

35. HowGiveLolli

Using this mode, you can easily change the size of the button and remove the uppercase.

36. NotifyClean


Simple and easy to use mode, that let you clean up the notifications area just with a single tap.

37. Xprivacy


Xprivacy will try to protect your privacy by restricting apps which trying to leak your sensitive data.

38. Xposed Torch: Physical Button


With Xposed Torch mode, you can run the flashlight through the main flash LED. You can long press on HOME or Volume UP button to turn ON and turn OFF.

39. XInternalSD


XInternalSD module helps in changing the path to SD card which is used by apps to store the data.

40. Native Clip Board


If you want to add clipboard management functionality on your device? Try Native Clip Board mode, you just need to long press on paste button to access this feature.

So these are some of the best Lollipop Xposed modules which are working flawlessly on your Android Lollipop. For the single person, it’s very difficult to check all of them one by one. Why don’t you help me to find out other modes compatible with Lollipop. Use the comment section and let me know your favorite and top Xposed mode for Lollipop.

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